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Significance Of Good Web Design Web design refers to the process by which a websites’ appearance is determined with regard to layout, the content, color, font and the graphics in a bid to have a dominating online presence. There are certain strategies in place that aid in attainment of goals by the website. Users may access websites as web pages when their design is complete, and they have been transformed to an electronic format. The successful designs of the website will be determined by the ease with which users interact with the website. The importance of web design should not be downplayed. The Web design has a significant influence on the priority that websites have in order of appearance upon a search. The easy access to websites and good graphics it has to contribute majorly the traffic it garners. It ensures that the purpose of its development is achieved. This can be done by providing the experience the users have is smooth.This is enabled by the smooth interaction with the website by the users. To make a website good; some things should be considered. The home page of a website communicates a lot. This page influences the users’ choice to continue browsing the website or leave the site. When it comes to the graphics, the designer should utilize fonts and font sizes that would capture the readers’ attention. Designers think that fonts lying at the top, left and center improve viewer experience due to the fact that most people read from all dimentioms. The layout of the images should make them visible. It is of significance to have images that have a relation to what the website is all about. It would be ironical to have images of a festival for a website that deals with academic matters. Search Engine optimization may be utilized by including key words in the content that will make it rank high in priority on search completion.
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The elements of a good web design refer to the features of a well-designed internet site. A well-designed website is responsive. This means that the website can be viewed in different electronic devices such as computers and phones without the design losing its integrity. The website should be flexible in that, it functions optimally in a wide range of browsers and different operating systems. This makes it accessible to all.
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A good web design has easy navigation. It refers to the characteristic of bi-directional scrolling in the website. This is convenient as it prevents confusion during reading. Interactiveness of a website is a key feature as it has comment boxes and opinion polls in its design. It also provides an allowance for visitors to sign up. A good web design will enable the users to have satisfying experienced while accessing a website especially now that we exist in a digital age.