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Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Getting arrested because of driving under the influence is not a light matter. You will need the services of a criminal defense attorney to arrange for your bail, and prepare you to face a judge. You will need to have an attorney good enough to beat the system and keep you out of jail.

When you get pulled over for driving under the influence, you need to work towards preventing your license from being suspended. You will need criminal defense lawyer to prepare for this, apart from getting you out of jail and keeping you out.

If it happens to be your first time, you may be allowed to go home on your own, and they might be courteous enough to derive you there. In case there is bail, your lawyer can handle that for you.

When you are out, you need to arrange for a proper defense.The minute you are free, start working on a suitable defense. It is not easy to do this part. You have to argue your criminal case, and then you have to argue against the department of motor vehicles. This process can be quick, mostly taking the frost ten days since your arrest.

You need to decide whether it’s guilty or not guilty quickly. Normally, people plead not guilty and get a chance to build their case and lessen the charges. IT is advisable to get the needed time to go through all the facts, especially how the case was handled, among other things. This dictates your freedom.

There are many things that could have happened from the time you were arrested for when you were charged with the crime, which could influence how well you will be to win the case. This refers to things like whether your rights were read to you, whether the blood alcohol tests were done right, or the blood sample collected respectfully, and such. There are many loopholes to be exploited to get your freedom.

In some cases, the credibility of the arresting officer can be questioned. They may have done a rush job with their report, or embellished certain details to fatten their report. They may also have stopped you for reasons not legal. These are thing that can be dwelt on in court.

You may also find yourself facing a very compelling arsenal of evidence. This may make you see the logic of pleading guilty. Pleading guilty is an act of good faith that could earn you less fees and penalties. It is the job of your lawyer to plead with the judge that instead of you going through a long trial, you start serving the punishment immediately after the plea.

No matter the manner in which you decide to handle it, you need a good DUI attorney to keep you from going to jail. They shall get you the best outcome possible.

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