Why Quad Biking and Camel Riding are preferred?

With this kind of experiences get a chance to experience the most talked activities of Desert Safari Dubai. Now you must be wondering about which activity I am talking about. So let me tell you about those activities. These two activities are the one which has no comparison but still I want you to select your favorite one once you are done reading this whole page.

Quad Biking:

Okay so let’s talk about the first activity that is the Quad biking. Quad Bike is a type of four wheeled bike. Sad part about this bike is that you cannot get an experience of riding it in your normal working life. But the best part about it is that the experience of riding a Quad Bike is a part of Dubai Desert Safari Trip.
You are guided by our guides present there of how to use it and when you are confident that you have understood the way of using it then only you will be sent for this ride.
It is the best kind of experiences one can have like just imagine how much brave you will feel when you will sit on that bike and rush into the sand dunes with the speed which is suitable for you. The sand will be blowing at your face along with the cold winds.
One should get this kind of experience once in there whole life!

Now coming towards the next best experience that is

Camel Riding-

You must have had this experience of camel riding already, but I guess you won’t have experienced camel riding in a Desert especially in a desert which is the most famous one. If you want to see the friendliest creatures in Dubai and also wants to have a ride on them, visit Desert safari. I am talking about Camels. They are cute looking creatures of giant size and are easy to befriend with.

Camel riding is preferred at Evening Desert safari

You will be taken to the sand dunes where you will feel the vibes of calmness and peace. You will get to see the Camels the moment you entered the Desert Safari.
After entering the desert you will be given a complete guide of how to sit on a camel comfortably. Once you are comfortable on Camel’s back the ride will start. The camel will move slowly on the Soft Red Sand Dunes. You get to see the desert with a different view when you will be sitting on the camel’s back.
So tell us below which one is your favorite now?
https://www.desertsafaritrip.com/ is the site where you have to go to book the deal for either of it or for both of it. Trust us once and you will feel like choosing us as your tour operator again and again. And this experience of your will be worth remembering Book your deal now and get to experience quad biking and camel riding in the sand dunes of Desert Safari.