5 Tips for avoiding Expensive Airport Parking Rates

5 Tips for avoiding Expensive Airport Parking Rates

Airport parking rates are known to be quite expensive compared to parking rates in general in crowded places such as shopping malls or shopping centers. For the first hour, the rate is usually $ 8 while the daily rate is up to $ 10 per day.

There should be more than 1 hour of security. Especially if you have to stay overnight, the vehicle parking rate at the airport will swell.

Well, in order to get cheap parking rates, there are a few tips like what you can do, which can save more on the cost of parking that is notoriously expensive.

1. Come Early

Why do you need to arrive early? Don’t think getting an airport parking lot is easy. In the afternoon it will be increasingly difficult to get the parking lot that you want. So, if you have to put in a vehicle, arrive early and choose the cheapest morning.

2. Select the Parking Area closest to the Arrival Airport

If possible, select the parking area that is closer to the arrival Airport. When carrying an average passenger ride earlier than carrying his own vehicle. However, upon arrival arrived at the airport. Therefore choose a parking area that is close to the arrival Airport. When you arrive you can use the free shuttle bus to get to the Airport you are using.

3. Select the Area near the Officer Post

Parking areas that are close to the officer post are much safer because they can be monitored by naked eyes. Likewise when you leave, you can get out faster and more freely. Different if you choose a parking area that is close to the entry counter. For example, Newark Liberty International Airport, the newark airport parking is charged $ 27 per day, not cheap

4. Hotel reservations near the airport

If indeed you have to stay at a hotel, it’s even better. Because you don’t need a parking fee at all from the hotel closest to the airport. Every hotel near the airport also provides a free shuttle bus for guests staying. Some people even choose to park vehicles in hotels near the airport compared to airport parking lots which have more expensive rates.

5. Use Public Vehicles

If indeed you don’t really need to take the vehicle to the airport, you want to choose using public transportation or an online taxi. Besides being more practical it is also easier. You only need to pay if you take your own vehicle to the airport.

Not including tired and tired when arriving at the airport. After that you have to drive the vehicle back to the house. It’s better to just use public vehicles or online taxis so you can take a break in the vehicle while traveling to the house.