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5 Tips for avoiding Expensive Airport Parking Rates

5 Tips for avoiding Expensive Airport Parking Rates

Airport parking rates are known to be quite expensive compared to parking rates in general in crowded places such as shopping malls or shopping centers. For the first hour, the rate is usually $ 8 while the daily rate is up to $ 10 per day.

There should be more than 1 hour of security. Especially if you have to stay overnight, the vehicle parking rate at the airport will swell.

Well, in order to get cheap parking rates, there are a few tips like what you can do, which can save more on the cost of parking that is notoriously expensive.

1. Come Early

Why do you need to arrive early? Don’t think getting an airport parking lot is easy. In the afternoon it will be increasingly difficult to get the parking lot that you want. So, if you have to put in a vehicle, arrive early and choose …